Dell Inspiron 1501 Manual

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Product Description

Dell Inspiron 1501 Manual user guideThe Dell Inspiron 1501 features a 15.4-inch stunning screen. This wide screen notebook from Dell is now powered by an AMD Sempron processor. Other processor options available are Turion X2 processor and Turion processor. The Inspiron 1510 has some of the features found in the Inspiron E1505, which is an Intel-based notebook. The Inspiron 1501 features identical build and design as the popular E1505 laptop.

The Dell Inspiron 1501 does not boast of all the features found in the Dell E1505. However, Dell has not reduced its price in comparison to the E1505. The Dell Inspiron 1505 is recommended for those looking to work with a laptop powered by an AMD processor. The E1505 is slightly better and expensive than the 1501.

The Inspiron 1501’s screen is WXGA matte screen, featuring a resolution of 1280 x 800. The screen is decently sharp and produces saturated, nice colors and impressive contrast. The screen also has good brightness. One most striking thing about this laptop’s screen is that there is no graininess or ‘sparkle’ which is sometimes found with other screens of Dell laptops. When you view the screen, the white screen looks truly white and there are no undesired artifacts to be seen.