Nokia 1616 Manual

Looking forĀ Nokia 1616 Manual can be a hectic job sometimes. Don’t worry we have you covered up with the online version of it, look below for more details.

Product Description

Nokia 1616 ManualA cheap phone from Nokia, we have seen so far, the Nokia 1616 is ideal for those people who need a mobile phone just for making calls and doing odd texting. To think of doing anything more than that is simply out of focus. However, it is a great gift for an elderly person or a young kid. Weighing just 78gm, the phone feels much like a kid’s play thing. The all-in-one keypad has been designed to keep the dust away and surprisingly providing comfort while message writing. The phone lacks internet connectivity as well as Ovi Store facility.

The bright colourful TFT display of the phone works decently for less-experienced mobile users. Though the phone lacks MP3, but it supports built-in FM Radio with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Nokia 1616 has a flashlight at the top of the phone, which is incredibly important to locate things in the dark. Irrespective of the pathetic 800mAh battery, Nokia 1616 gives a decent talk time to its users.

With so many cheap cell phones in the mobile market it is quite tough to make your choice. Still with an FM Radio, headset and decent battery life, the phone is a great option for the low budget people as well as the elderly section.