Nokia BH 108 Manual

Nobody really keeps the Nokia BH 108 Manual or any gadget carefully and end up searching online just as you.

Product Description

Nokia bh 108 manualNokia has launched the Bluetooth Headset BH-108 with all the basic features that a headset should possess. The best part of this headset is that it is absolutely affordable. It has one button on its front side. The charger port is situated on the right side of this headset and the indicator light is present on the top.

Microphone is located on the bottom and the plastic ear loop originates from the back and this ear loop ensures that this device has a very less chance of falling from the ear. This Bluetooth device is very clean in its design with all the basic features that a headset should possess.

This device is not suited for the people who dream of absolute quality and comfortable headsets as the headset is not very comfortable as Nokia has not offered ear buds in this device, one can think of buying it due to its efficient price and it’s light weight as the device is just 0.31oz.

The dimensions of the device are 2.11 x 0.63 x 0.32. The Nokia Bluetooth headset- 108 offers you a choice in its colours as it is available in white and black colours.